Young men started running after seeing the police, one died after falling into the well, know the whole matter

They were eating and drinking on the roadside under suspicious circumstances at Gangapar in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Then seeing the police, three started running. Everyone went away and started going in different directions. In the meantime, he fell into a well, though no one was aware of it. When the relatives did not reach his house till morning, the family members inquired about the search, then after seeing the slippers floating in the well, the young man was pulled out after many hours of effort. But he had already died.

Yogendra Patel, a resident of Madhavpur alias Saghanganj of Soraon, was going to Sandalpur Dhokri along with his relatives Sandeep Patel, Mithilesh Patel, Akash Patel on Monday morning. When they reached near Parasinpur canal during the day, they stopped there and sat on the roadside and started eating and drinking. Meanwhile, two constables of Kotwali police were seen going on patrol. Seeing whom Yogendra, Sandeep and Akash started running towards Siwan while Mithilesh stayed near the bike. During the escape, Yogendra slipped and fell in the well while the other two fled home.

When Yogendra did not reach home till morning, the relatives interrogated the youths accompanying him. On this, along with the family members came to search the spot. After much investigation, Yogendra’s sandal was found floating in the well. After which the well was searched. After hours of effort, he was found in the well itself, but by then he had died.

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