Yogi government’s big announcement for the families of the people of UP who died in Nepal plane crash, announced to give five lakhs each

The state government will provide financial assistance of five lakh each to the dependents of the four youths of UP who died in the Nepal plane crash. The government will also provide benefits of the schemes to the victim’s families as per their eligibility. Apart from this, the state government will also bear the cost of bringing the dead body from Nepal to Ghazipur. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced the compensation amount on behalf of the government for the victims of the plane crash on Tuesday evening. DM Ghazipur Aryka Akhori confirmed the information received from the CM’s office and said to provide the amount soon.

On Sunday, a 72-seater plane of Yeti Airlines crashed in Pokhara, 205 km from Kathmandu. Just 10 seconds before landing, the plane hit a hill, after which the plane caught fire and fell into a ditch. In this painful accident, 70 people including four friends of Ghazipur lost their lives. In this, Abhishek Kushwaha s/o Chandram Kushwaha age 26 years resident of village Dharwa Tehsil Kasimabad, Sonu Jaiswal s/o Rajendra Jaiswal age-32 years resident of village Chakzainab Tehsil Kasimabad, Vishal Sharma s/o Santosh Sharma age-27 years resident village Alawalpur Afgan Tehsil Kasimabad and Anil Kumar Rajbhar s/o Ramdaras Rajbhar age-25 years resident Chakdaria (Chakzainab) Tehsil Kasimabad Ghazipur were involved.

District Magistrate Aryka Akhori told that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has expressed condolences and said that all the expenses till the time the dead bodies are brought to the district will be borne by the Uttar Pradesh government. Along with this, financial assistance of 05-05 lakh will be made available to the relatives of each deceased.

Relatives reached Kathmandu, DNA test will be done today

Family members of four youths of Ghazipur, who died in Nepal’s Pokhara plane crash, have reached Kathmandu on Tuesday evening along with their village head. DNA samples of all the family members will be taken on Wednesday.

Sonu Jaiswal, Abhishek Kushwaha, Anil Kumar Rajbhar and Vishal Sharma, residents of Ghazipur’s Baresar Alawalpur, were killed in a plane crash in Pokhara, Nepal on Sunday. Deceased Sonu’s father Rajendra Jaiswal, Anil’s father Ramdarsh ​​Rajbhar, Vishal’s brother Vishwajit Sharma and Abhishek’s elder brother Abhinesh Kushwaha and Chakzainab’s village head Vijay Jaiswal left for Nepal on Monday.

It is being told that the relatives had to stay at the Indo-Nepal border on Monday night. Everyone got entry into Nepal on Tuesday morning after waiting at the border for 13 hours. Gram Sabha Chakzainab’s head Vijay Jaiswal told that after the opening of the international border on Tuesday morning, he had left for Kathmandu by road.

Everyone reached Kathmandu on Tuesday evening. He told that now the relatives of the four youths along with the local officials have to go to the hospital on Wednesday. Everyone’s DNA sample will be taken. After DNA test, the bodies of the four youths will be handed over to their relatives. He said that the post-mortem and DNA test of the dead bodies would be done on Wednesday in the presence of the relatives.

Relatives stayed at the international border overnight

The family members of the four youths along with the village head had left for Nepal in three cars on Monday. All four had reached the Nepal border late on Monday night. Due to the closure of the international border, the five had to stay there overnight. The family members left for Kathmandu when the border opened at 9:30 am on Tuesday.

Anil-Sonu childhood friends, always together

Sonu’s father Ravindra Jaiswal told, ‘Sonu and Anil were childhood friends. The economic condition of Anil’s house is weak, so Sonu used to keep him with him. Both used to go everywhere together. Anil used to respect us a lot. Used to stand with him in every happiness and sorrow. Sonu had sought a vow from Tirupati Balaji to have a son. When his wish was fulfilled, he went to Tirupati Balaji with his family. Then Anil also went with them. Sonu and Anil also had their hair shaved there.

Vishal was sitting in the plane for the first time

Vishal’s family members say, Vishal was sitting in the plane for the first time and this accident happened to him. He was the youngest and most beloved of the house. Ever since I started the job, I was taking care of the house. Abhishek, Anil, Vishal and Sonu were childhood friends. Another friend of his group whose name is also Vishal. He told, ‘We all live within a range of five kilometers. Everyone knows each other since childhood. We all used to go for walks together. Sometimes Varanasi and sometimes Lucknow. He used to travel outside the state once in two years.

Minister Ravindra Jaswal met family members, expressed grief

UP government minister Ravindra Jaiswal reached Alawalpur village of Kasimabad on Tuesday evening. After reaching the homes of the youths who lost their lives in the Nepal plane crash, the minister met the families of the deceased and expressed condolences. Sonu Jaiswal, resident of Chakzainab village, Abhishek Kushwaha, resident of Dharwa, Anil Rajbhar, resident of Chardaria and Vishal Sharma, resident of Alawalpur, consoled the families and assured all possible help. The district administration was also asked to send a proposal to the CM Relief Fund to provide financial assistance to the victim’s relatives as soon as possible.

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