Yogi government is giving chance to win prize up to 4 lakhs, apply like this

Before the Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit, the Yogi government is going to give students and working professionals across the country a chance to win prizes up to Rs 4 lakh. The quiz will be held under the guidance of master Kushan Patel at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, Lucknow on coming February 4 to 5.

The competition organized by Invest UP will be held in all the three categories of Business Quiz, India Quiz and India Quiz (School). ‘Business Quiz’, a section of ‘UP GIS 23 Headliner Business Quiz’ mainly focuses on questions based on business world. In this, there will be questions based on information related to business world including world’s big business brands, finance, technology, human resource, system and process, business personality. On the second day, India Quiz and India Quiz (School) will have questions related to General Knowledge, Current Affairs and Business World.

Competition is open to all

The two categories of the quiz competition (Business Quiz and India Quiz) are open to all. There will be a preliminary round followed by a semi-final round in the business quiz. In the end, eight teams will get a place in the final round. A team shall consist of minimum two members. The quiz will be open to all. Its members can be school and college students as well as working professionals. In this category, 80 thousand rupees have been fixed as first prize, 45 thousand rupees as second prize and 25 thousand rupees as third prize. On the other hand, India Quiz will be organized on February 5 from 2 pm to 5 pm, in which there will be written round in prelims. The team selected in this will be selected for the semi-finals and then for the final round. Eight teams that cross the prelims and semi-finals will be given an opportunity to enter the finals. In this competition also it is necessary to have minimum two members in each team. School students and working professionals can participate in this. Team members need not be from the same institute. In this competition, a prize of Rs 80,000 will be given to the first place holder, Rs 45,000 to the second place and Rs 25,000 to the third place.

Only students will be able to participate in India Quiz (School)

In the India Quiz (School Level) competition, 200 teams will be selected on the basis of online screening round. This will be followed by the semi-final and final rounds. Finally 8 teams will be selected for the final round. A team must have a minimum of two members. This quiz competition will be organized only for school and college students across the country. Team members need not be from the same school. The first team in this category will be awarded Rs 50,000, the second position team Rs 30,000 and the third position team Rs 20,000.

how to apply

To register for the contest, a Google form has to be filled. You have to scan the given QR code. Different forms have to be filled to participate in the quiz format for different categories. Fill the mobile number and email id correctly while filling the form.

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