Wife had done MA-Bed, husband was 12th pass, after two years of lovemarriage the woman gave the verdict

It is said that the creature becomes blind in love. At that time he only listens to the heart, but when the intoxication of love subsides, his mind starts working. After love marriage, when the educated girl came to know that her husband is only 12th pass, she asked for divorce. After all attempts at reconciliation fail, the divorce is settled between the two.

A MA-Bed girl resident of Atrauli had a love affair with a young man of the area. Two years ago both of them decided to get married. Hiding from the family, both of them got married and started living their lives. After about five months of marriage, the girl came to know about the educational qualification of the boy. The boy turned out to be 12th pass. The girl got angry on this. When the matter reached the family members of both, there was panic. All the rounds of reconciliation agreement went on from the boy’s side.

Even after this the relationship could not last. The matter reached the family court. The girl filed for divorce. Counselor Yogesh Saraswat made every effort in the court as well, but things did not work out between the two. Yogesh told that of course both had married. But they never lived together. Both lived at their respective homes. The statements of both have been made in the court. Soon the court is going to free both of them from the bond of marriage.

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