Why is the UP Police not improving? After Kanpur, serious allegations on outpost in-charge in Azamgarh, people jammed

The Yogi government of UP is serious about the crimes against girls and women. Women’s desks have been established in police stations. There are also several ongoing missions for girls and women. But on the intention of the government, a few people of the UP police are creating sabotage. After Kanpur, such an act of outpost in-charge has come to the fore in Azamgarh, due to which even the officials are shocked. At present, the outpost in-charge has been ordered to be kept out of line and an inquiry has been ordered.

In Azamgarh, two parties fought over a land dispute in May Khargpar village under Gambhirpur police station area. It is alleged that Gosai Bazar police post police was taking one sided action. To oppose this, the woman had reached the outpost with her daughters. It is alleged that during this time the outpost in-charge misbehaved with the woman and her daughters. The woman has also accused outpost in-charge Rakesh Tiwari of assaulting her.

As soon as the information about the case was received, a large number of people gathered. Blocked the Azamgarh-Varanasi road. After getting the news, SP reached the spot with City Force. He somehow pacified the jam by convincing people. On the report of SP City, the SP made the outpost incharge Rakesh Tiwari spot the line.

Earlier in Kanpur, when a father requested the outpost in-charge to find his missing daughter, he got a very objectionable reply. Outpost in-charge said that every day 10 girls go missing and come back after getting married. After its audio recording went viral, the matter reached the authorities. DCP South made the inspector out of line. The girl was also recovered from Kalyanpur.

This case pertains to Deendayalpuram Taudhakpur of Naubasta area of ​​Kanpur. Brijlal Kaithal’s daughter Kamini is a nurse at New Life Hospital, a short distance away from home. Brijlal told that when he reached the hospital to pick her up at nine o’clock on January 2, he came to know that Kamini had left for home at eight o’clock itself. When the CCTV footage was checked, she was seen leaving the hospital crying at 8.15 am. On this, father Brijlal filed a missing report late at night.

When Brijlal reached the Hanspur police post on Sunday, Inspector Dharmendra Verma got angry on seeing him and said that you people should not go round the post. Every day 10 girls go missing here and come back after getting married. If you can’t find your daughter together with so many people then how will I be able to find 10 girls.

On this, someone present in the outpost recorded the audio of this conversation and made it viral. When the matter came to the notice of DCP South Pramod Kumar, he put the inspector on the line. The girl was recovered safely. She told that she had left the house after getting angry with her family members.

Girl found in Kalyanpur police station area

When the police got the CDR of the girl’s mobile to find the girl, the last call was received from a young man. When the police traced the location, it turned out to be Kalyanpur from where Kamini was recovered. She told the police that she had gone to Gorakhpur for a job after being angry with her family members. At the same time, when it came to know about the registration of the missing report, she was returning.

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