When your doli rises, I will burn the world… The madman warned the girlfriend, threatened the fiance over the phone

A few days ago in Hapur district, after the marriage of a headstrong girlfriend, madly in one-sided love, had reached her in-laws’ place. There he threatened to kill his girlfriend by putting a poster outside her fiance’s house. Similarly, a case has come from Kanpur in UP. Here too the madman warned his girlfriend. Sirfire also hit the dialogue of the film Diljale in filmy style. After this, Sirfire called the girlfriend’s fiance and instructed him not to bring a wedding procession to the village. Threatened to kill him for bringing the procession. Distressed by the threats of madness, the family members of the girl have informed the police about this. The police have started searching for the accused by registering a report.

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The matter is being told of Shivli Kotwali area. According to information, a woman from a village in Shivli told the police that she had fixed her daughter’s marriage in a nearby village. On knowing this, a person named Rohit, a resident of the village, started harassing her and her daughter. The woman alleges that Rohit has also threatened to kill her daughter’s fiance over the phone. Not only this, he is threatening to make the daughter’s photo viral by sending it.

Sirfire hit the dialogue in film style

Sirfire called the daughter’s fiance by saying the dialogue of the film Diljale in filmy style. Taking the name of the girl, the accused said to her fiance, do not marry her. If you come to the village with a wedding procession, you will be killed. An old photo of them together also went viral on social media. Earlier Sirfire warned the girlfriend from the dialogue of the movie Diljale. He said, I will set the fire that is in the heart in the world, if your doli rises, I will burn the world. The threat given in the film style of Sirfire is discussed in the entire region.

As soon as the daughter-in-law’s veil was lifted, the in-laws lost their senses, the groom said – I will not live with her, I will die after consuming poison

what did the police say

On behalf of the victim’s family, a report has been written to the police by telling them about the antics of the madman. Kotwal Shivli Janardan Pratap Singh said that a report has been registered against the accused youth Rohit in the case, he is being searched. He will be arrested soon. Tell that the whole family is upset after threatening the girlfriend and her fiance. The victim says that her daughter used to study in a nearby college. He used to molest her while commuting to college. Tried to explain many times, but he is not ready to accept. Now trying to disrupt the marriage.

Karisma is mine, don’t bring a wedding procession, otherwise I will build a crematorium, in Hapur the madman threatened the groom

In Hapur too, the fiance has been threatened

Like in Kanpur, in Hapur too, a man mad in one-sided love had threatened to kill his girlfriend’s groom. After writing a threatening letter, the madman had pasted it on the wall of the groom’s house. In the poster put up outside the groom’s house, Sirfire had written- Listen with open ears, Montu Singh, the bridegroom king, my charisma is… don’t come with the procession… otherwise you will not survive. I will make the procession a crematorium. Not only this, the accused youth has also threatened the processions. He has said that the brother who wants to be shot along with the feast… he should come in the procession. The accused has further written – Right now I am giving this light trailer, the rest of the film will play in the procession. – friend defaulter

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