What happened that Pradhan’s husband climbed on the water tank, high voltage drama, then ..

Describing the police action as insufficient in the case of fight in Balrampur, the angry head husband climbed on the water tank located at the Normal School under Kotwali Nagar. On trying to get down, he warned several times to hang from the railing and jump down. The family members and the people present in the crowd kept pleading with him but nothing worked. CO City climbed up the steps of the water tank and went closer and explained for an hour, then the President was ready to come down. The high voltage drama went on for about one and a half hours. The police claim that the accused have already been challaned after registering a case on the complaint of the prime minister’s husband. On the basis of the statement, action will also be taken against the other accused in the deliberations.

The case is related to Majre Barwalia village of Baghni in Sadar block. Dr. Gosain’s wife Bindu Bharti is the head here. Bindu told that late on Sunday night, Radheshyam, her sons Vijay, Dinesh and Neelu etc. beat her husband Dr. Gosai and nephews badly with sticks. Vijay contested for the post of village head and lost. After which Vijay Yadav etc. used to keep enmity with his family. After the fight, Dr. Gosain reached Kotwali. On his complaint, the police registered a case. The other side had also informed the police about the incident by calling the police. The police took action against Radheshyam and Vijay Yadav for disturbing the peace. Dr. Gosai was not satisfied with this action. At 3:30 in the evening, he climbed the water tank about two hundred feet high. They started making noise from above due to which there was a crowd. People kept trying to convince him but he was not ready to come down.

Inspector-in-charge Vimlesh Singh, who arrived after getting the information, also tried to convince him but the prime minister did not agree. When CO City Darvesh Singh reached the spot, started climbing the stairs to talk, the husband started hanging from the railing. Gradually the CO City Pradhan managed to reach closer to the husband. He started talking to the head husband. Dr. Gosai’s allegation was that the police did not take proper action against those who assaulted. He got down on the assurance of the CO. On getting down, the police chief took the husband with him to the police station.

There is enmity between the two sides regarding the prime minister

The in-charge inspector told that a case was registered late last night on the complaint of Dr. Gosai. A few days ago there was a dispute between Dr. Gosai and Radheshyam. Dr. Gosai had taken Radheshyam’s car on rent. The car had broken down, for which Dr. Gosai and Radheshyam spent half the money in repairing it. The car broke down again, due to which the incident of fighting took place on Saturday night. There is mutual enmity between both the parties regarding the prime minister. The statement of Dr. Gosai has been recorded. The involvement of some other people in the fight has come to light. Action will be taken by including his name in the discussion.

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