What did the wife say on the honeymoon that the husband got angry, thrashed as soon as he reached the room, divorced after 10 days

A mountain of troubles broke down on the bride who went to her in-laws house after getting married. The newly-wed bride could not spend even 10 days properly at her in-laws’ house. He was tortured from the honeymoon. Not only this, her husband beat her on the very first night after marriage. Brother-in-law also molested her in her in-laws house. The woman alleged that her husband divorced her after 10 days. The girl has given a complaint to the police accusing her brother-in-law of molestation. The police have registered a case and started investigating the matter.

A woman living in the city was married to a youth from Rajapur on 12 October 2022. The woman told that when she went to her in-laws house after marriage, her sister-in-law started arguing and started abusing her father. He said that he should bring five lakh more rupees. On the honeymoon, her husband came into the room and was intoxicated with alcohol. When the woman complained to him, he beat the woman. The husband went and slept outside. For the next 10 days no one talked to him in his in-laws house. After ten days again the in-laws started demanding dowry.

The victim replied that her father had spent Rs 17 to 18 lakhs on the wedding. Now she cannot ask him for five lakh more rupees. He was again beaten up for this. It is alleged that one day Jeth molested the woman. When the woman complained about this to her husband, he did not trust her and on the contrary, beat her up, divorced her and drove her out of the house. On the basis of Tahrir, the police have registered a case under several serious sections including molestation and demanding additional dowry.

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