Weather Update: Chances of rain again after two-three days, know how long the cold wave will last; weather forecast

The Western Disturbance prepared over Iran has turned towards Afghanistan. This western disturbance is so powerful that its effect has started appearing in many parts of the state including Lucknow on Friday. After two-three days, the strong effect of Western Disturbance will be seen. It will rain in many parts.

Lucknow Meteorological Department Director Mohd. Danish told that from Saturday there could be an increase of two to three degrees in day and night temperature. On Saturday, the mercury of the day is likely to be 23 and the night will be 10 degrees. The day temperature is likely to reach 24 degrees on January 26, increasing gradually.

On Friday, it rained in many parts of Lucknow, somewhere fast and sometimes slow, but this is the result of local factors. The Meteorological Department is telling that the weather of Lucknow has started changing. The day was sunny and the temperature remained above 22 degree Celsius. Even at night the temperature was 6.6 degree Celsius. It suddenly turned cloudy at 4.30 in the evening. After this, it rained heavily in many parts of Lucknow and scattered in some places. The Meteorological Department had already predicted that there would be a change due to Western Disturbance. Due to the disturbance, the force of icy north-westerly winds has reduced. Rain was recorded in areas like Gomtinagar, Aliganj, Charbagh, Hazratganj, Chinhat etc.

Change has come because of this

The Meteorological Department said that there is a slight effect of Western Disturbance in this change of weather, but local factors are more responsible. At this time the eastern winds are strong. The effect of north-westerly winds is decreasing. Due to the meeting of these two winds, there has been a change in the weather on Friday.

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