Weather News: Winter returned again in Purvanchal, mercury dropped by 5 degrees in Gorakhpur; Meteorological Department made this prediction

UP Weather Update: The severe cold is returning once again in Eastern UP. The scorching sun on Saturday and the heat of the sun disappeared on Sunday. On Sunday once again the sky was covered with fog.

The sun kept playing hide and seek with the clouds of fog. Due to this, in the last 24 hours, the day temperature has dropped by about five degrees Celsius. However, due to the clouds of fog, the warm air could not reach the upper atmosphere. Due to which the night temperature went up by five degrees Celsius in the last 24 hours. Due to this, there is only a difference of five degree Celsius in day and night temperature.

The mood of the weather kept changing since Sunday morning. The bright sunshine of Saturday disappeared on Sunday. The morning started with fog. Clouds of fog covered the sky. Throughout the day there was eye-witnessing between the clouds of fog and the sun. The day’s maximum temperature rose to 17.8 degree Celsius on Sunday. It is three degrees Celsius less than normal. Earlier on Saturday, the day’s maximum temperature was 22.7 degree Celsius.

It will be cold for three days

Meteorologist KC Pandey told that winds are coming from Himachal Pradesh. It is raining and snowing there. Whose effect is visible on Eastern UP. The effect of icy winds coming from the mountains will remain for the next three days. Clouds of fog will remain. The hide and seek of the sun will continue. Day temperature may drop further.

temperature rises in the night

The night temperature has increased due to the presence of foggy clouds. The night temperature on Saturday was 7.9 degree Celsius. Which was about one degree Celsius less than normal. The minimum night temperature on Sunday was 12.6 degree Celsius. It is four degrees Celsius more than normal. Due to the change in the weather, the difference between day and night temperature has also reduced. There was a difference of 5.2 degree Celsius between day and night temperature on Sunday.

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