Weather News: Like the severe cold, this year the scorching heat will also disturb, El Nino will show its effect; forecast by meteorologists

UP Weather News: Like the bitter cold, this year the scorching heat will also trouble you. By the way, the good news for people suffering from cold is that they are going to get rid of it soon. Now the temperature will rise slowly. There will be good sunshine during the day and there will not be much cold at night either. Although there will be heavy drizzle in many parts of the state from 23, but there will be no drop in mercury. On the other hand, some meteorologists say that this time due to the effect of El Nino, there will be more heat. This will also affect the monsoon. The IMD has clarified that the effect of La Nina on the Indian subcontinent has resulted in more winter. The effect of La Nina will be from January to March. There is a possibility of El Nino from July to September. There is a possibility of more heat than this. If El Nino takes effect, less rains can lead to crisis.

Lucknow Meteorological Department Director Mohd. Danish told that due to western disturbance, the entry of icy and cold north-west winds will not happen here. Night and day temperatures have started rising from Thursday.
Due to the effect of Western Disturbance, drizzle may start in many parts of the state including Lucknow from January 23 itself. The movement of clouds will start from morning itself. On January 24 and 25, it will be cloudy at many places including Lucknow. There is a possibility of heavy showers at some places.

On the other hand, the day’s maximum temperature in Kanpur was recorded at 22.2 degrees on Thursday. The night temperature also increased sharply and the mercury touched 04.6 degree Celsius. The Meteorological Department says that the effect of cold wave will remain till Saturday. Then there is a chance of rain. On the other hand, due to El Nino, this time there will be more heat with strong heat wave. The mercury has started rising as soon as the wind direction changes from north-west to south-east. Signs of cloudy and rain are also being received. There was slight respite from the cold on Thursday as gusts of icy wind came at a low speed. The mercury reached 19.6 to 22.2 degree Celsius. An increase of 02.6 degree Celsius was recorded. The night temperature increased from 02.6 degree to 04.6 degree Celsius.

Now the temperature will rise

According to the Meteorological Department, if there is no change in the wind direction, then the temperature may increase further in the next 48 hours. With this, cloudy will start, due to which the night temperature will again reach 07-08 degrees. The mercury of the day will not rise rapidly.

fog again for two days

The fog has been absent for a week. The reason for this is clear sky but due to mist and overcast, fog will appear again.

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