Weather News: January is the coldest in three years, there will be light rain on January 22; Know the forecast of the Meteorological Department

Weather News: This January has been the coldest in the last three years. Tajnagari Agra is also close to cold-day condition for the second time in a month. This is the reason why cold related diseases have increased. There has also been an increase in the cases of heart attack. According to the Meteorological Department, till January 21, there is no relief from the cold wave. These days the maximum temperature will be below 20 degree Celsius. The minimum temperature will also not go above 10 degree Celsius. There will be light fog in the morning. Cold winds will continue to blow. There are chances of light rain on January 22.

Usually in January, after 15th January, there is no severe winter. There is an increase in the temperature after the sun opens. The maximum temperature remains around 20. Similarly, the lower para has also been recorded around 10. Not so this season. This time the maximum temperature has been low since December. Whereas in January the lower mercury has also dived. In the first 15 days, six days have been cold-day conditions. That is, these days the maximum temperature has been 16 degrees or less. A record drop has also been observed in the minimum temperature. It has mostly been less than 10 degrees. Even at this time the minimum temperature is running around 3.4 degrees. There is little hope of improvement for several days ahead.

15 heart attack cases everyday

Every 24 hours, 15 to 20 cases of heart attack are coming in the emergency of SN Medical College alone. Half of these people are also having an attack of paralysis. More such patients are coming at night and early morning. It is a matter of relief that there are few deaths in four to five days. Most of the patients are being saved.

Patalkot Ex. arrived 10 hours late

Due to the fog, the delay of trains is not taking its name. On Monday also, most of the trains that reached Agra Cantt and Agra Fort were delayed by several hours from their scheduled time. Amidst the icy winds, passengers were forced to wait for trains.

PRO Prashasti Srivastava told that Patalkot Express 10 hours, Andhra Pradesh Superfast Express eight hours, Kerala Superfast Express five hours, Kota-Patna Express six and a half hours, Shridham Superfast Express four hours, AP Superfast Express two hours, Amritsar-Mumbai Superfast Express two Ghanta, Malwa Express quarter to two hours, Gondwana Express quarter to three hours, Chhattisgarh Express two hours, Ghazipur-Bandra Weekly Express 1.15 hours, Shridham Express reached Agra Cantt with a delay of four hours. Apart from this, more than 12 trains like Punjab Mail, Bhopal Shatabdi, Gatimaan Express, Taj Express, Udaipur-Khajuraho Express, Hirakud Express, Jhelum Express etc. arrived late by one to two hours.

temperature dropped like this
Maximum Minimum

01 January 21.1 11.1
Jan 02 18.8 7.8
Jan 03 13.0 8.6
Jan 04 13.1 6.2
Jan 05 13.9 5.2
Jan 06 12.9 6.3
Jan 07 13.4 6.8
Jan 08 15.6 3.2
Jan 09 20.3 3.4
Jan 10 20.3 6.6
(There was a cold-day condition from January 3 to 8)

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