Weather Impact: Deadly weather! Fluctuating temperatures flood hypertensive patients; victims of young

Weather Impact: Got relief from cold but blood pressure is still a problem. 59 such healing patients reached LPS Cardiology Institute after having problems. On investigation, everyone’s BP was found to be elevated. More than half of these patients were diagnosed with hypertension for the first time.

Fluctuations in day and night temperatures have led to a flood of hypertensive patients. Most thought he had a heart attack. In a hurry, when the relatives took him to the cardiology department, their suspicion turned out to be wrong. Everyone’s BP turned out to be very high. These patients were counseled when they came to know that the hypertension has gone home rapidly. Nine patients were below 40 years of age. However, heart patients have got relief after the change in the weather. The graph of heart attack has started decreasing considerably. So far the order of recruitment in cardiology has been above 100 but now it has come back to normal.

Within 24 hours, 14 attack patients have been admitted, in which two have had to deal with more problems. According to Dr. SK Sinha of the institute, patients are facing difficulties due to sudden withdrawal of BP medicines. Due to sudden increase in blood pressure, such patients may also have heart problems in the coming days, so they have to be alert. According to Director of Cardiology Prof. Vinay Krishna, more patients of hypertension are coming than heart attack. Due to this deception, heart diseases can increase.

How to avoid high blood pressure

If BP continues to increase, it is necessary to exercise. Do cardio exercise or walk for at least half an hour daily.
-Reduce the intake of salt in food. Most sodium comes from packed, processed food, so avoid it.
Adopt yoga, it not only relieves the stress of the person but also helps in controlling high blood pressure.
Avoid excessive intake of refined and ghee like fast food, chips, sauce, chocolate, separated fat.

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