Virat Kohli likes January 15, has hit so many centuries till now

Virat Kohli likes January 15, has hit so many centuries till now

If someone asks Virat Kohli, the batsman of the Indian team, which day he likes the most, then he can now mention January 15, because he has scored a century on January 15 for 4 times so far.

If Indian cricket team batsman Virat Kohli is asked which date he would prefer, his answer would probably be the date of his birthday, his wife Anushka Sharma or the date of his daughter’s birthday, but if seen from the point of view of cricket, he Would love to choose January 15, as he has scored a century on this date for the fourth time in international cricket.

On 15 January 2023, he scored a century against Sri Lanka at the Greenfield Stadium. Earlier, in 2017, 2018 and 2019, he has managed to score a century on 15 January. He scored 122 against England on 15 January 2017, while he scored 153 against South Africa on the same day in 2018 and 104 against Australia in 2019.

Virat Kohli again hit a stormy century, broke this big world record of Sachin Tendulkar

Virat Kohli played a blistering 166 off 110 balls against Sri Lanka on Sunday, 15 January 2023 at Trivandrum. During this innings, he hit 13 fours and 8 sixes. This is Virat Kohli’s second century in this series. He was dismissed after playing a century in the first match as well, while in the second match he could not show much wonder. India has won the series.

However, one thing is also worth remembering that on January 15, he had announced his decision to step down from Test cricket. Last year, before the last match of the Test series against South Africa, he gave up the captaincy of the Test format. Virat Kohli was already stripped of the captaincy of the ODI and T20 team.

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