Vikas Dubey scandal: Happiness finally appeared on Khushi Dubey’s face, shooter Amar Dubey’s wife came out of jail after 30 months

Khushi Dubey, who came into limelight after the Vikas Dubey incident in Kanpur, came out of jail on Saturday evening. Khushi Dubey got bail from the Supreme Court on January 4. Khushi’s release was stuck due to non-receipt of the verification report of the paperwork. After the strictness of the sessions court, the verification report of the papers came from the police, bank and registry office. On Saturday too, the release seemed to get stuck due to technical glitches in the bail documents at the last moment, but a solution was found and Khushi came out of jail.

Released after 927 days of arrest

Khushi breathed in the open air late on Saturday evening, 927 days after her arrest. Seeing Khushi’s father and sister outside Mati Jail, emotional Khushi cried hugging them. Khushi’s father Shyam Lal Tiwari says that the daughter is relieved after getting bail. I have full faith in justice.

Mother Gayatri Tiwari said that she did not know that the house where she was going to get her daughter married was Amar, the nephew of gangster Vikas Dubey’s family. Now she will never let Khushi go to Bikru. Heavy force remained deployed during the release.

The marriage took place three days before the Bikru incident

Eight police personnel including CO Devendra Mishra were killed by Vikas Dubey and his henchmen late night on 2 July 2020 in Bikru village. Khushi and Vikas’ henchman Amar Dubey were married on June 29, 2020, three days before this incident. Amar Dubey was killed in an encounter by the police on 5 July 2020.

Khushi was picked up by the police on July 4. On July 8, 2020, after showing the arrest of Khushi Dubey, he was sent to jail. Being a minor, he was first kept in the observation home, Barabanki. A year later, as he became an adult, the court transferred him along with other accused to Mati District Jail.

this was the charge on happiness

Khushi Dubey was accused of supplying bullets to the accused during the Bikru incident. Khushi also had a hand in telling the location of CO Devendra Mishra to the killers. The police had also made Khushi Dubey an equal accused along with gangster Vikas Dubey in the main FIR of the Bikeru incident. In 16 serious sections including murder, dacoity, assault on the police, the police had arrested Khushi and sent her to jail. He is also accused of using SIM made from fake documents.

According to Advocate Shivakant Dixit, after hearing on about 95 dates from the lower court to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court has granted bail to Khushi Dubey. Khushi was released after a long fight. The release permit in this case was sent to the jail on Friday itself. The registry office was left deficient in the verification of the documents posted as surety. After re-examination from the registry office, the report reached in the evening. After that Khushi was released.

Breath stuck for half an hour in Juvenile Justice Board

The release permit from the Juvenile Justice Board was sent to jail on Friday. However, the permission of the sessions court got stuck due to the incomplete verification report of the registrar. Expressing displeasure over the incomplete verification report, the court issued a notice to the registrar zone-4 and ordered it to rectify the form and appear in court personally on January 23. Even though the report reached the court on Saturday by removing the defect of verification from the registry office, but the registrar will have to answer about it.

On the basis of the verification report in the Juvenile Justice Board, the work of matching the bail forms was done. Before making the release permit, the information about the matching of the warrant was given from the jail, then it was informed that there is a warrant under section 418, 420, while the case under section 419, 420 is going on in the board. On this, the special carrier from the board reached the jail, from where the warrant was seen, then it was found that due to error in reading, the section was declared wrong. The matter got stuck in this for half an hour. After this, Khushi’s release permit from the board could be sent to jail. His father, brother and sister had reached on board.

What happened in Bikru village

On July 3, 2020, Vikas Dubey and his associates attacked the police team that went to raid Bikru village under Chaubepur police station area of ​​Kanpur. In that sensational incident, eight policemen including the DSP of UP Police were martyred. Later Vikas Dubey was killed in the encounter. Amar Dubey, who is believed to be his nephew and right hand, also absconded after the incident but on July 8, 2020, the police killed him in an encounter at Maudaha in Hamirpur.

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