Video: The audience went crazy watching the dance of Devendra S Mangalamukhi, transgender goddess who got the status of Minister of State in the Yogi government.

On Tuesday night, Devika Devendra S Mangalamukhi, Minister of State for Gender Equality and Transgender Rights in Uttar Pradesh Government enthralled the audience with her excellent Kathak dance performance at Etah Mahotsav’s pandal. Let us tell you that Devika Devendra S. Mangalamukhi presented a unique presentation of the leela of celebrating Lord Krishna along with the Kathak dance and the abduction of the clothes of the gopis, seeing which the entire pandal resonated with applause.

Devika Devendra S Mangalamukhi has also given her performances in foreign countries. At the same time, she has received the highest honor of art by the Government of India and she is a major sign of gender equality and transgender rights.

Devika Devendra S Mangalamukhi’s story is full of struggle. Born in Rajasthan, when Devika was two and a half years old, her father left the world. It took Devika 14 years to convince her mother that she was Devika in Devendra’s body. When Devika’s mother came to know about her, she became very angry.

After this, when Devika asked to leave the house, her mother locked her in the room. Devika escaped from that prison and boarded the train and came to Delhi. Then Devika found two transgenders and took them with her to her tent.

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