Video: Rae Bareilly’s drunkard monkey snatches beer from people and creates ruckus on contract

A monkey has created a ruckus at a liquor shop in Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh. As soon as the monkey sees the opportunity, it runs away by stealing a bottle from the shop or it snatches liquor from any person while buying liquor and immediately swallows it. The owner of the liquor shop and the people around are very upset with this drunken monkey. People carry liquor secretly so that the monkey may not see the bottle of liquor and may snatch it somewhere.

This monkey drinking alcohol has also been captured in the camera. In the video, the monkey is seen gulping down a can of Kingfisher Strong Label with its mouth. Normally monkeys drop anything they eat or drink, but this drunken monkey seems to know the value of every drop of beer, so he is drinking it by holding a can of beer with both hands so that even a drop of beer does not get wasted by falling on the ground. Ho. While drinking beer, the monkey is also checking once inside the can to see how much beer is left.

In UP’s Rae Bareli, people are very upset with a ‘drunk’ monkey. The monkey either enters the shop to get liquor or snatches it from people and drinks it. The video of monkey drinking beer is going viral. #UttarPradesh

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