Video of 7 people on bike goes viral after 27 passengers in auto, flouting traffic rules

On the occasion of Bakrid, such a scene was seen from two districts of Uttar Pradesh that even the police were surprised to see it. Two shocking videos from Auraiya and Fatehpur districts adjacent to Kanpur are going viral. In the first video, where a young man is seen carrying six children on a bike, in the second video, 27 passengers are being counted after getting off an auto. Different types of reactions are coming on both these videos which went viral on social media.

The first case is of Auraiya, where a young man from Kanpur Dehat was caught roaming around in a bike carrying more passengers than in a car. This bike is registered in the name of a mobin. The police caught the young man driving the bike while carrying six children. On being asked, he told that he had come to Auraiya in partnership. When the children started insisting, he was taking them on the bike to feed them ice cream. The police challaned him for one thousand rupees and also reprimanded him. The young man also apologized. All the passers-by stopped to see the bike with seven riders. A crowd formed.. Some started making videos and some started taking photographs. Someone made this video viral.

27 passengers in an auto

In Bindki town of Fatehpur, the police stopped the crammed auto and when the passengers started counting, there was a crowd. There were a total of 27 passengers in it, including 12 children. As soon as people started getting down from the auto, the police were also surprised. About 27 people from children to elders were filled in the auto. The police were also surprised as to how so many people sat in the auto. Taking immediate action, the police seized the auto. The police sent the passengers in other vehicles. Driver’s license has been written to be revoked.

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