Video: Merchant Navy personnel tragic death due to neck stuck in angle of sign board, incident captured in CCTV

A merchant navy personnel staggered and fell on the angle of the iron board outside the house in Brahmakumari colony of Ghazipur late on Friday night. The neck got stuck in the angle and after some time he died in agony. The video of the incident was captured in CCTV. Police has sent the dead body for postmortem.

According to Inspector Ghazipur Manoj Mishra, Alok Tripathi (34), son of Kishan Kumar Tripathi, resident of Brahmpuri Colony, used to work in Merchant Navy. Alok had returned from somewhere after partying at around 11:30 pm on Friday. Parked the bike outside the house, took out the helmet and hung it on it. He staggered a few steps in a drunken state. Meanwhile, due to slipping of his foot, he fell on the angle of the iron board outside the house. Due to which the neck got stuck in the angle.

Meanwhile, many passers-by passed by but no one stopped. After a long time a neighbor picked them up, shortly after many people gathered around. He informed the family members of Alok. In a hurry, the relatives took Alok to Lohia Hospital where the doctors declared him brought dead. There is wife and one and a half year old child in the family.

people started making videos instead of saving

Neighbors say that many people passed by at the time of the incident. Even if one or two people stopped, instead of saving it, they started making videos from mobile. If help had been received in time, he might have been saved. At the same time, the people of Alok’s house were also roaming in the lawn at the time of the incident. But no one noticed.

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