Video: Lucknow Commissioner Roshan Jacob wept in Lakhimpur Kheri, wiping tears told the doctor – do not refer, treat

Divisional Commissioner Dr. Roshan Jacob broke down in tears on seeing the child lying on his stomach on the hospital bed and his helpless mother sitting beside him crying. Seeing the ADM crying, the doctor started referring the child to KGMU, then ADM Roshan Jacob told him not to refer, treat the child properly. Wiping tears from the pallu of the saree, ADM Roshan Jacob told the officials that the child should be treated better in any case. Keeping his hand on the child’s head, he told him that he will cure you. This emotional video of ADM Dr. Roshan Jacob is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

ADM Roshan Jacob was in agony after seeing the child lying on his stomach

In fact, a terrible road accident took place in Lakhimpur on Wednesday, in which eight people were killed and more than 25 were injured. On the information of the accident, Commissioner Roshan Jacob had reached Lakhimpur to see the injured. There she was talking to the family members of the injured admitted in the district hospital when a person came to her and said that his patient was not being treated properly. The commissioner accompanied her to the ward where she found a 10-year-old child lying face down on the bed. In fact, two days ago a raw wall had collapsed in Bajpai village of Sadar Kotwali area. Three children had died in this. This child named Kafeel was also injured in the same accident.

do not refer, treat properly

After the accident, Kafeel could neither lie down on his back nor sit up. The commissioner also cried seeing his condition. Seeing the commissioner standing in front of him, the doctor hurriedly started talking about referring the child to Lucknow. On this, the commissioner ordered the doctors not to be negligent in the treatment of this child while teaching them a lesson of humanity. Wiping away tears, Roshan Jacob told the officials that his three children had died. There are two children left. It should be treated wherever it is.

Putting hand on the child’s head said – will cure you

ADM Roshan Jacob told the officials to send a man along, get the investigation done and get the child admitted where treatment will be done. He said that some officer should take responsibility for this work. He told the officials that the financial condition of the family is not good, they cannot afford this much expenditure. He asked the officials to contact the Red Cross for treatment and get them help from there. Keeping his hand on the head of the child lying on the bed on his stomach, he told the child that he will cure you.

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