Video: Jako rakhe saiyan, na koi marak nahi… Bike flew away from the truck, the young man did not even get scratched

Jako rakhe saiyan, maar na koi… This proverb proved true in Uttar Pradesh’s Maharajganj when a bike rider’s head came under the truck and narrowly escaped. The bike rider’s life was saved by a gap of a few inches, otherwise he would have died a painful death. Perhaps this is called a miracle. The case pertains to Gulriha Kala village of Kolhui police station area of ​​Maharajganj, where a bike rider came under a truck on the highway. The bike went under the moving truck. It was a good coincidence that the bike rider escaped from the jaws of death. This whole incident has been captured in CCTV.

It is seen in the video that a young man is standing on the roadside carrying a cylinder on a bike. As soon as the bike rider starts the bike and turns towards his side on the highway, he gets hit hard by the bike coming from the front. In this accident, the bike of a young man carrying a cylinder comes under a moving truck.

The truck driver also applies the emergency brake and the bike rider narrowly escapes. The bottom line was that the truck driver, showing readiness, hit the emergency brake. According to the people around, the young man has not even got a scratch, only both the bikes have been damaged.

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