VIDEO: Had to play hard with cobra, snake bitten while having fun, lost his life in a moment

Playing with creatures and animals often becomes overwhelming for people. Sometimes people lose their lives in sports. One such case has come to the fore from Deoria in UP. Here a person had to pay the price of his life for having fun with the cobra. A man was playing with a cobra. While having fun with the cobra, the snake bit the man. He died during treatment at the hospital. The video of that person having fun with cobra is also going viral.

The case pertains to Gauribazar area of ​​Deoria. Santosh Bharti (45) son Manny, a resident of Carmel, used to catch snakes. On Sunday, someone called to catch a snake in Yamuna village of Deoria. From there the cobra came after catching the snake. In the evening, he started having fun with the snake at Baniyani crossroads. Meanwhile, he bit her hand. When unconscious, the people around took him to the CHC. From there he was referred to the district hospital, where he died late night during treatment.

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