VIDEO: Father reached the hospital with a snake in the box with his son, seeing the staff ran away, know the whole matter

A boy was bitten by a snake in Farrukhabad, UP. His condition worsened after the snake bite. Seeing the son’s condition deteriorating, the father caught the snake and locked it in a box. When he brought his son to the hospital for treatment, he also brought a snake along in a closed box. On this people here in the hospital got scared. The staff backed away in fear. Bring the snake to the hospital, the video is going viral. The teenager has been admitted for treatment.

Farman, a resident of Mirzapur town of Shahjahanpur district, was getting fodder cut for cattle at his house on Friday evening when suddenly a snake bit him. There was a cry of order on this. Father Irfan was present nearby. After getting the information, he locked the snake in the box.

He brought his son to Lohia Hospital at night itself for treatment. The doctor saw and accepted the order. Meanwhile, when he reached the ward with the son, he saw a snake in the closed compartment. When the attendants of the patients came to know about this, they got scared. The health workers informed Irfan and the box in which the snake was kept was kept outside. Then out of nowhere the attendants of the patients got relief.

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