Video: Due to technical fault in UP’s Bahraich, two trains came on the same track, the accident was averted due to the understanding of the driver

The train going from Nepalganj Road to Bahraich was stopped at platform number three on Saturday morning at Risia railway station of Mailani Rail Division of Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh due to crossing. Meanwhile, the train going from Bahraich to Mailani was given wrong passing on the same track. Due to which the breath of the passengers got stuck seeing the train coming. The driver immediately stopped the train by applying emergency brake. Due to which a big accident was averted. In this matter, the DRM of North Eastern Railway has given instructions for investigation.

Passenger train number 05360 was coming from Nepalganj to Bahraich. Whose driver had parked the train on platform number three of Risia station at 8:40 am on Saturday due to the crossing. Meanwhile, train 05361 going from Bahraich to Mailani reached the outer crossing of Risia railway station. He was cleared by Pointman Pawan on the track of the same number three platform. When the train crossed the home signal and reached track number three, the driver saw the Nepalganj passenger train standing about 100 meters away on the same track.

Driver Ravi Kumar sensibly stopped the train by applying emergency brake. Due to which a big accident was averted. This created panic among the train passengers. People heaved a sigh of relief when the train stopped. After two hours, the Bahraich- Mailani passenger train was brought back to platform number one. Nepalganj – Bahraich passenger train left for Bahraich two hours late. While the train left for Mailani three hours late. Hasan Ali, the guard of the Bahraich-Mailani passenger train, has spoken about the gross negligence of the pointmen.

Passengers remained restless, remembered God when the accident was averted

A major accident in the history of the district’s railways was averted due to the lapse of pointman Pawan posted at Risia railway station and the alertness of the driver. Passengers boarding the standing Nepalganj train and the people standing outside due to the crossing at the station gasped to see the train coming on the same track. Many people started making noise. Shahruddin, a resident of Ranjit Boja, said that the accident was averted because of God. Ravi Kumar, a resident of Azad Nagar, Risia, told that even if the train ran late, it does not matter, at least a major accident was avoided. It should be considered as a blessing of the Lord. Narsingh Diha resident Ramesh Kumar told that the arrangement of Risia railway station is poor. Outsiders sit at the ticket counter.

It is worth mentioning that in Bilaspur of Chhattisgarh also two such trains had come face to face in the past. In Bilaspur division of South East Central Railway, passenger train and goods train came on the same track on the same track. In time, the train driver stopped the train and saved it from a major accident.

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