Video: 6-year-old boy fell into municipal borewell while playing, NDRF saved his life like this

A six-year-old boy fell into the municipality’s borewell while playing in Mohalla Phoolgarhi of Thana Dehat area of ​​Hapur, Uttar Pradesh. Which has been safely taken out after five hours of effort. The NDRF team succeeded in rescuing the children safely with the Operation Umbrella Tool System. DM-SP continued monitoring.

On Tuesday afternoon around 12 noon, a six-year-old child Mavia’s son Mohsin was playing in the locality in Fulgarhi. It has been told that a tubewell of the municipality was closed a few days ago. On which the wall was built. While playing, the child jumped over the wall of the borewell. When the child went into the borewell, there was a stir in the locality and chaos in the family. Police administration has reached on information. In which oxygen was put. Rescue operation was started to save the child by barricading the borewell. NDRF team was called from Ghaziabad. Who started the rescue operation for the child.

The camera was lowered into the borewell. Through which the children were fed milk twice. After that NDRF took out the child in an hour’s hard work using umbrella tool. The children were immediately admitted to the hospital in an ambulance. DM Medha Rupam and SP Deepak Bhukar should continue monitoring there. SP Deepak told that the child has been taken out safely.

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