UP Weather Update: Clouds of fog in eastern UP, sunshine will bloom in Meerut, cloudy in Kanpur; Know where the weather will be

Constant ups and downs are being seen in the weather of UP. Since the beginning of February, there is a slight rise in the cold morning and night temperature. The Meteorological Department says that the temperature will rise gradually in the coming days, due to which people will get relief from cold.

Today it may be cloudy in many parts of Lucknow. According to the Meteorological Department, the minimum temperature of the district on Monday can be 11 degree Celsius and the maximum temperature can be up to 26 degree Celsius. On the other hand, it is expected to remain cloudy in Kanpur. Here the minimum temperature can remain up to 12 degree Celsius and the maximum temperature can be up to 27 degree Celsius. Clouds will not be seen in Meerut. It can be sunny here. The minimum temperature is expected to be 11 degree Celsius and the maximum temperature is expected to be 24 degree Celsius.

Shadow fog in Eastern UP

There are foggy clouds in eastern UP. Like Saturday, melting increased due to clouds of fog on Sunday. The cold winds coming from the mountains kept shivering. Due to the thick clouds of fog, the sun came out in the afternoon. Because of this, the day temperature dropped in the last 48 hours. On Sunday, the maximum temperature of the day was 24.3 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature was 11.3 degree Celsius. which is less than normal. Although the night temperature has definitely increased due to the clouds of fog.

The minimum night temperature on Saturday was 11.6 degree Celsius. Meteorologist KC Pandey told that there will be foggy clouds for a day or two. After that the sky will be clear. There is no chance of rain during this time. However, the melting will remain.

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