UP Weather: There will be no relief from cold now, icy winds can increase the chill, the temperature of this district will drop up to three degrees

If you are feeling relief from the sunlight coming out of Makar Sankranti, then forget it. Winter will return in the coming days. Cold winds coming from the mountains can increase the chill. Due to cloudy since morning on Sunday, the cold increased due to cold winds, but in the afternoon the sun broke through the clouds, which gave relief from the cold. It was sunny till about 4 in the evening. However, amidst the sunshine, the icy winds coming from the mountains made one feel cold. Weather specials tell that winter will increase from the coming days. The mercury will also slide down by two to three degrees. That’s why keep protecting yourself from cold.

The sky remained clear since Sunday morning, but due to the clouds, the sun did not come out. In the afternoon, there was some relief from the cold due to the lukewarm sunlight that came out in the middle of the clouds. Being a Sunday, people enjoyed the sunshine. On Sunday, the minimum para remained at nine degrees whereas the maximum para remained at 17 degrees. Even after the sunshine, the strong icy winds coming from the mountains kept making us feel cold. When the sun came out, the children had a lot of fun after reaching the parks etc.

There was relief from the cold in the sun, but inside the houses it was cold due to cold winds and melting. Weather experts tell that it is snowing on the mountains. The cold will increase further due to the westerly winds coming from the snowfall. Weather experts tell that the winter will increase further in the coming days. Along with the fog, it will also be cloudy. Winter will increase for the next one week. Do keep protecting from cold. Doctors say that even after the sun comes out, you must keep protecting yourself from cold.

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