UP Weather: Snowy winds again shiver in UP, mercury reached 1.7 degree in this district, cold will increase with rain?

After three to four days of relief in UP, once again it has increased from melting. The bone-chilling cold has returned. The sun came out on Tuesday as well, but even after that people kept shivering. There was no respite from the melting cold. In Muzaffarnagar, the mercury dropped to 1.7 degree Celsius. For the second time in the season in Kanpur, the minimum para record reached two degrees Celsius. With this the record of 19 years was broken and Kanpur remained the second coldest city in UP. According to the Meteorological Department, the nights will remain cold. Light rain may occur on 22 or 23. After this the cold may increase.

The Meteorological Department had issued a 72-hour yellow alert for winter, after which the night temperature has been continuously falling. The minimum temperature in Kanpur was 2.6 degrees on Monday, which decreased by .6 on Tuesday. It is 5.1 degree Celsius less than normal. Earlier on January 7, the minimum temperature was 2 degrees. The minimum para has gone up to 10.8 degrees in the season.

In the year 2003 it was 01.0 degree para

In the year 1999, the mercury was 01.3 degrees. After this it was 01.0 degree in the year 2003. Since then, the minimum para has been 02.0 degrees. On January 17 itself, the night temperature remained high. Night is cold after 19 years. 06.8 in 2011, 10.2 in 2012, 12.4 in 2013, 8.5 in 2014, 10.2 in 2015, 4.3 in 2016, 8.4 in 2017, 6.8 in 2018, 4.2 in 2019, 13.6 in 2020, 4.6 in 2021 and 6.2 in 2021 Was.

wind speed 10 kmph

The day temperature was 18.4 degrees Celsius, which was 1.6 degrees below normal. Even on Monday, the temperature remained the same during the day, but on Tuesday the intensity of cold was more. People shivered with cold even in the sun. The wind speed was also 8-10 kmph.

school children upset

The effect of low mercury in the night was clearly visible on Tuesday morning. The children had to go to school shivering in the extreme cold. He did not get relief from cold till his return. Even though there is no fog in the city for the last four days, but the cold winter is wreaking havoc with the strong icy (northwest) wind. CSA meteorologist Dr. SN Sunil Pandey told that there is a possibility of light rain along with cloudy on 22 and 23. Due to this the day temperature may drop. There will be a yellow alert for the next 48 hours. The condition of cold wave will also remain.

winter in january
Jan max min

10 19.2 07.0
11 13.4 04.8
12 18.6 08.4
13 24.5 08.8
14 23.4 08.2
15 19.0 08.6
16 18.4 02.6
17 18.4 02.0

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