Up Weather January 15: Severe cold will prevail in this city of UP for the next four days, mercury can drop up to six degrees

Lucknow Winter Update: After two days of respite, be ready for severe cold again. The weather gave its indication on Saturday itself. A slight drop has been recorded in the minimum and maximum temperatures. From Sunday, the entire state including Lucknow will be in the grip of cold wave. The Meteorological Department has issued an alert of severe cold in the entire state for the next four days. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department for the next six days, the night para can remain up to six and a maximum of 16 degree Celsius. Northwest icy winds will shiver with melting.

Weather will change from today due to disturbance

Last month, the Western Disturbance over Afghanistan has moved eastwards via Jammu-Kashmir, Uttarakhand. In the absence of Western Disturbance, now north-westerly winds have started entering UP from the mountains. In such a situation, the period of severe cold will start again from Sunday. According to the Lucknow Meteorological Department, there will be minor relief from the severe cold again from January 19-20. Due to the effect of Western Disturbance, there was heavy snowfall on the mountains. During this, there was severe cold in the entire state including Lucknow. Two days ago, when the Western Disturbance turned east, its effect was also visible on UP. There was respite from the cold after drizzle in many parts of the state including Lucknow.

weather change from today

The change in weather will start from Sunday night. There will be relief from cold during the day on Sunday. The day’s mercury is likely to be 21 degrees. It will be bitterly cold at night. The night temperature is likely to be six degrees. This period of cold will continue till January 18. Mo. Danish told that the nights would be colder. From 16th to 18th January it will be very cold during the day. The day temperature is likely to hover around 17-18 degree Celsius.

North-westerly winds will enter directly

Lucknow Meteorological Department Director Mohd. Danish told that after the passing of the Western Disturbance, now the North-Western winds will directly enter the plains. These winds will be extremely cold due to snowfall on the mountains. This will bring down the temperature of the entire state. There will be severe cold for four-five days. According to senior meteorologist Atul Kumar Singh, the temperature may drop down by 4 to 6 degrees in the coming two to three days. Between January 16 and 18, there is a possibility of ‘cold day’ once again. Pachua picked up pace on Saturday as the southeast wind weakened. By evening its speed was 11 to 12 kilometers per hour.

For the first time this year, the sun was fully visible from morning to evening

On Saturday, for the first time this year, the sun’s rays reached the earth from morning to evening. Before this the sun came out, but due to the fog not being completely dispersed, the heat could not come. The reason for the increase in temperature on last Friday-Saturday was the front part of the Western Disturbance, which is called the Warm Front. Under its influence, the surface wind direction had changed to southeast. This reduced the fog and the sun’s rays reached the earth completely.

The temperature will fluctuate like this for the next six days

day min max forecast

15 Jan 6 21 Moderate Haze
16 January 5 17 Dense fog and mist, cold wave
17 January 5 17 Dense fog and mist, cold wave
18 January 6 18 Dense fog and mist, cold wave
19 Jan 7 20 mist and fog
20 January 8 22 Mist and fog

  • Max : 22 °C
  • Min : 9.6 degree Celsius

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