UP Petrol Diesel Price Today: Petrol diesel prices in Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Meerut, Agra, Prayagraj, Bareilly as yesterday, oil rates in UP today

UP Petrol Diesel Price Today 16 January: New rates of petrol and diesel have been released across the country today i.e. on January 16. The price of fuel in India is fixed according to the international prices of crude oil. There has been no change in the prices of major cities of UP, Prayagraj, Bareilly, Lucknow, Agra, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Kanpur and Meerut. Let us know the prices of petrol and diesel in the cities of UP today.

According to the rate recorded on the site of oil company HPCL, petrol in Lucknow is Rs 96.55 per liter on Monday and diesel is Rs 89.74 per litre. In Varanasi, petrol is being sold at Rs 97.46 and diesel at Rs 90.64 per litre, while in Agra, petrol is being sold at Rs 96.33 per liter and diesel at Rs 89.50 per litre. Apart from this, petrol in Meerut costs Rs 96.31 and diesel costs Rs 89.49 per litre.

Petrol is being sold at Rs 96.25 and diesel at Rs 89.44 per liter in Kanpur on Monday. Whereas, petrol in Gorakhpur is priced at Rs 96.79 per liter and diesel at Rs 89.97 per litre. Apart from these, petrol is Rs.96.67 per liter and diesel is Rs.89.85 per liter in Bareilly. Petrol in Prayagraj costs Rs 96.51 per liter and diesel costs Rs 89.71 per litre.

LPG gas in UP is available at Rs 1,090.50 per cylinder in a 14.2 kg cylinder.
Significantly, the prices of oil are fixed every day. Oil companies decide the names of oil every day in proportion to demand and supply, keeping in mind the international prices. In addition to the taxes of the Central and State Government, dealer’s commission is also attached to the oil, which is recovered from the customer.

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