UP MLC Election: BJP will knock on the doors of madrassas too, why is BJP changing strategy?

The BJP’s focus in UP is currently on the elections to be held on the vacant MLC seats of teacher and graduate quota. A comprehensive strategy has been created for this. On the one hand, the party is eyeing the teachers of CBSE schools who have become voters for the first time. On the other hand, the party will also knock on the doors of madrassas. Support will be sought by contacting the teachers of registered madrassas along with those taking government grants. BJP’s strategy is not to let its victory chariot stop at any stage in UP.

The election process is going on for five vacant seats of teacher and graduate section in the state. In this, three seats are of block graduate and two block of teachers constituency. The graduate quota seats were already with the BJP. While both the seats of teachers’ quota were occupied by teachers’ unions.

Now BJP wants to win these seats also by increasing the penetration among teachers. The candidates are engaged from their own level, the party has prepared a strategy to reach every voter from its own level as well. The responsibility of MPs and MLAs has been fixed.

Apart from contacting the government teachers, efforts are being made to bring the teachers without finance in their fold. The party also kept this in mind while deciding the candidate. At the same time, the party will not hesitate to seek support from madrassa teachers.

The party believes that the Modi-Yogi government has given benefits of all schemes to all without any discrimination. There are also a large number of minorities among the beneficiaries. In such a situation, cooperation and support will be sought from them also in the elections.

No one has influence on CBSE teachers

CBSE board teachers will vote in the Legislative Council elections this time. Being related to the Central Board, these teachers do not have any complaint or complaint with the UP government. Nor are these people under the influence of any group related to teachers’ organizations. That’s why the BJP is working hard to woo these teachers in its fold.

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