UP: Love happened on Instagram, did this work with brother by spreading rumors of kidnapping

Social media is being used not only to connect with our friends, family and relatives but also to make new friends. UP Another story is being seen in which a girl and a boy befriended on social media which turned into love and then both got married. But this matter also reached the police. In fact, both of them took such a step to get married that the girl’s father had to lodge a police complaint. Although the girl’s father also did not know the truth.

Case of UP ata Of A girl from Etah’s Bagwala started talking to a boy from Haryana through Instagram. As the conversation between both of them increased, they also fell in love. Both were aware that the family members would not agree for the love marriage. But insisting on marriage, both made a plan to run away. Also took her brother along to witness the marriage. When the father suspected that both his children had been kidnapped, he lodged a complaint with the police.

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In the complaint of kidnapping in the police, the father told that he lives in a village in the Bagwala police station area. On February 3, the girl had left with her 16-year-old brother on the pretext of going to Dhumri Bazar. After this both did not come back. In the evening, the father got a call from an unknown number and said that your children are with me. Fearing this, the father lodged a complaint of kidnapping. The police got involved in the investigation of the case. When the number was traced, it turned out to be Manesar Haryana.

And on Saturday, a call was also received from the girl’s uncle. This time a boy said that he had married their daughter and was sending their son back. His son also returned home on Saturday evening. He came and told the whole story to the family members and the police. He told that his sister got married to a boy from Haryana Manesan after befriending him on Instagram and had taken him along to witness the marriage. The police interrogated the boy and left for Haryana to bring the girl.

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