UP: 10 km radius around Aligarh airport banned, including killing of animals

UP Of course, the license to fly from Dhanipur airport in Aligarh has not yet been approved, but the administration has started preparations for different phases. On Tuesday, the City Magistrate issued guidelines under The Aircraft Rules. Under which 10 km around the airport. The scope has been restricted. Non-vegetarian hotels, meat-fish shops, garbage-dirty land will not be able to do in this area.

City Magistrate & Officer In-charge Dhanipur Airport Chandra Shekhar said that under Rule 91 of The Aircraft Rules, 1937, slaughter and dispersal of animals, accumulation of garbage and other polluted or objectionable substances is prohibited within a radius of 10 kilometers from the aerodrome reference point of the airport. Is. Rule-91 directs that no person shall slaughter or kill any animal or deposit or drop any garbage, filth or any other polluting or obnoxious substance in the restricted area of ​​the State airstrip.

Material emanating from hotels, meat shops, fish shops and bone processing mills including such material which attracts or is likely to attract vultures or other birds and animals is also prohibited in the purview. If any person or organization is found responsible for the above activities within 10 km radius of the airport without the permission of the Civil Aviation Department, then action will be taken against him under the rules.

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Airport Security Incharge, SS Aggarwal said that the license is awaited from the airport authority level to start the flight. Under aircraft rules, there should not be any hindrance in flight due to any animal or bird. 10 km for this. The scope of is restricted.

Waiting for 19 seater plane to fly

Dhanipur airstrip has been converted into an airport under the Central Government’s UDAN scheme. A 19 seater plane has to take off from here. However, the license has not yet been issued from the level of Airport Authority of India. While all the preparations have been completed at the airport.

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