Uncle became fierce in ancestral land dispute, brutally killed nephew by stabbing him eight times

Police on Tuesday disclosed the murder of seven-year-old Nazim with the help of a sniffer dog in Mauaima of Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh. Nazim’s uncle Hashim was caught by the sniffer dog after smelling a bloodstained cloth. After catching Hashim, the police interrogated him and he confessed to his crime. On Tuesday, the police recovered the knife used in the murder and the bloodstained cloth at his instance. Both are being sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory for examination.

DCP Ganganagar Abhishek Aggarwal told that Mohd, resident of Bahrana Khanpur of Mauaima town. Shakeel’s two sons Mohd. Qasim and Hashim. Mo. Shakeel lives in an ancestral house with his younger son Hashim. Whereas elder son Mohd. Kasim lives separately with his wife and son-daughter. Kasim’s wife was demanding a share in the ancestral house. He had quarreled many times with his brother-in-law Hashim on this matter. During this, Hashim had threatened the sister-in-law that he would extinguish the lamp of her house.

The DCP told that Kasim had left for his work on Monday. His son Nazim (7) did not go to Madrassa to study. He had gone out of the house to play. Seeing the opportunity, Hashim took seven-year-old Nazim to the field on the pretext of getting guavas. There, he was killed by eight stabs with a knife. When he came out after committing the crime, his pants got blood. Seeing the blood, Hashim took off his pants in the field itself. After that went to the house. The sniffer dog who reached the murder investigation reached Hashim after smelling the blood stained pants. Hashim wanted to kill his brother but in retaliation killed the nephew.

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