Tusker elephants in this district of UP destroyed wheat crop, destroyed houses, people saved their lives by running away

Tusker elephant attacks and mischief are not stopping in the villages adjacent to Sadar Beat of Katarniaghat Wildlife Division of Bahraich district. On Wednesday late evening, the herd of elephants coming towards Nishad village was diverted by the forest workers towards Ghosiana Canal, but late night the elephants demolished the mud house and tinshed of the villager. Food grains and other items were damaged. Due to the tireless efforts of the villagers, the elephants that came out of the village have also caused huge damage to the wheat crop.

A painter has died on Tuesday night in the attack of elephants coming out of Sadar Beat of Katarniaghat range. A herd of elephants gathered on the Ghosiana Mor canal track on Wednesday. On the information of the villagers, the forest personnel drove the elephants towards the forest. The herd of elephants reached Nishad village at around one o’clock on Wednesday night. Here the wall of the mud house of Sattan’s son Moti was demolished. After this the tinshed was also destroyed.

Seeing the mischief of the elephants, Satan ran away with his family. The villagers unitedly drove the elephants out of the village by playing thali, gola and pipa. This saved many houses from being hit. The herd of elephants that came out of the village has also damaged the wheat crop of Satan. The victim told that the grain shed was also demolished. All the stuff is also spoiled. On information, forest personnel arrived under the leadership of Forest Officer Vijay Mishra of the Forest Department. The forest team has assessed the damage.

A herd of elephants encamped on the barrage

The herd of elephants that came out from Nishad village were encamped on the road going from Girjapuri to Chaudhary Charan Singh Girja Barrage. The forest personnel sent the elephants inside the forest.

Katarniaghat DFO Akashdeep Badhawan says that he has reached the affected village with the Ranger team. Compensation will be given to the affected family after assessing the damage. Suggestions are being given and taken to the villagers to avoid attacks and be alert.

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