Today I will finish my work … 11th student reached school with a bag in a minor dispute

A school in Ganganagar area of ​​Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh was stirred by a sensational incident on Thursday. To avenge the assault, a class 11 student reached the school with a pistol. Showed the pistol to his colleagues and told that he would complete the work today. When the class teacher came to know about this, the student was locked in the class itself. Police was called and the student was handed over. Police has seized the pistol. A case has been registered in this matter.

The 15-year-old student, a resident of Kaserbuxar area, is a class 11 student in a school near Ganganagar Divider Road. The student had a dispute with some fellow students in the school two days ago. To avenge this, on Thursday, the student brought a pistol and cartridges hidden in his bag. After coming to school, he showed the pistol to his colleagues and said that today he will complete the work of the students of the other side. Fellow students informed the class teacher after seeing the pistol. Seeing the matter serious, the accused student was locked in the class with the bag and the class was evacuated. After this the police was informed. Police reached the spot and recovered the pistol from the student. The student was brought to the police station and interrogated. At the same time, there was an atmosphere of chaos in the school. When some parents also got information, they reached the school. The police have registered a case under the Arms Act. To get rid of the student, many people from his side remained standing in the police station. The student’s father kept arguing that the son was innocent. Some youths were fighting with the son on the coming days and were standing outside the school on Thursday as well. He also denied having a pistol and alleged that the other side had hidden the pistol in the bag.

queue outside the police station

Outside the Ganganagar police station, there was an influx of acquaintances of the student. At the same time, a recommendation was also made to the police, but the matter did not materialize. On the other hand, just a day before, a murder took place in the medical field in a dispute between students, that is why the whole episode is serious.

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