Threats to kill BJP MP Vinod Sonkar and his nephew, report filed

In Prayagraj, Kaushambi MP Vinod Sonkar’s nephew Alok Prakash has been threatened with death by an advocate employee of his rival firm. He has filed a report against Uday Singh in Nawabganj police station for threatening to shoot his maternal uncle and nephew and under the section of SC-ST Act. Police said that there was a dispute in a marriage program. Action will be taken after investigation.

Alok Prakash, a resident of Allapur told the police that he works in a banking company. On 27 November 2022, Pawan Kumar Dubey, an employee of his company, had called at Tilkotsav in Nawabganj. Uday Pratap Singh, the cluster head lawyer of the rival company had reached there.

It is alleged that Uday Pratap abused him there. Alok Prakash was threatened that he would be shot five, his maternal uncle MP Vinod Kumar Sonkar would be shot eight. Apart from this, objectionable words were used. When the dispute escalated, Alok left from there. He complained to the police officers. The report was registered on 16 January 2023 at Nawabganj police station. In this case, ACP Chirag Jain told that action will be taken on the basis of evidence after investigation.

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