This special arrangement will be made to catch electricity theft, the department made a plan

Apart from installing prepaid smart meters in the premises of all consumers in the state, the power distribution system will also be equipped with meters. For this, meters will be installed on all feeders and transformers. With the installation of these meters, it will be easy to know about the load on the feeder and transformer. Along with this, it will also be known that from which feeder or transformer power theft is more.

18885 crore approved for meter and other works on feeder and transformer

Rs 18885 crore 24 lakh has been approved to improve the power distribution system in the state under the Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) scheme of the Central Government. With this amount, meters are to be installed on feeders and transformers. Tender has been floated for the purchase of these meters. The work of installing these meters will start soon. From the meter installed on the feeder and transformer, the electricity department will get the information about which feeder or transformer electricity is being stolen without any difficulty.

Meter will tell in which area electricity theft is happening

The meter will tell how much power was lost to the valid connections connected to the feeder and transformer and how much power was stolen. On the basis of which the electricians will be able to easily reach the person who steals electricity. U.P. According to M. Devraj, Chairman of Power Corporation, metering system on feeder and transformer will help in reducing line loss. Tender has been floated for the purchase of meters.

The work of strengthening the power system in rural and urban areas has also been approved under RDSS. 16489 crore 61 lakh rupees are to be spent in this work. Power Corporation aims to reduce the gap between cost of power supply and revenue recovery to zero by 2024-25. When this difference becomes zero, the loss of the corporation will stop increasing.

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