Third tunnel of Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail ready, now construction for fourth will start soon

The third tunnel in Meerut has also been completed for the Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail. NCRTC MD Vinay Kumar Singh inaugurated it on Tuesday. Now soon the construction of the fourth tunnel between Bhainsali to Begumpul will start. In Meerut city, rapid rail will operate inside the tunnel in about seven km.

The construction of the third tunnel on the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut Rapid Rail Corridor was completed on Tuesday. Sudarshan 8.2 (tunnel boring machine), which is constructing it, had earlier successfully completed the construction of about two kilometer long tunnel between Bhainsali to Meerut Central Station. Now after completion of the work between Meerut Central Station to Bhainsali, it was inaugurated. The MD, NCRTC congratulated the team engaged in the construction of the tunnel.

This is the third tunnel of Rapid Rail Corridor in Meerut, whose construction has been successfully completed. Sudarshan 8.1 completed the construction of the second tunnel from Bhainsali to Meerut Central Station about one and a half months ago. There is a system of two parallel tunnels for the movement of high speed trains in the underground corridor of Rapid Rail. The underground part of this section has been completely completed after the construction of second parallel tunnel from Bhainsali to Meerut Central and Meerut Central to Bhainsali is completed.

The first tunnel was built in October

The first tunnel in Meerut was constructed in October 2022. Sudarshan 8.3 constructed the tunnel from Gandhibagh to Begumpul. Presently the same Sudarshan 8.3 is constructing the second parallel tunnel from Begumpul to Gandhibagh. In the coming weeks, both the TBMs-Sudarshan 8.1 and Sudarshan 8.2, which have completed tunneling from Bhainsali to Meerut Central, will be reassembled to construct two parallel tunnels from Bhainsali to Begumpul.

Now track construction in the tunnel will be fast

NCRTC has achieved another milestone of the project with the construction of two parallel tunnels of length 2 km each from Bhainsali to Meerut Central and Meerut Central to Bhainsali. After the construction of the tunnel, the work of laying the track inside the tunnel will start. Precast track slabs are being manufactured at the track slab factory of Casting Yard, Shatabdi Nagar, Meerut. These track slabs will be taken to the site of the tunnel through trucks-trailers and installed. This work will be done at a rapid pace in line with the target of opening the entire corridor to the public by the end of 2024.

a glance

  • 9000 segments have been used for the construction of about 2 km long tunnel from Bhainsali to Meerut Central and Meerut Central to Bhainsali.
  • A ring is formed by connecting seven segments. Each segment is 1.5 m long and 275 mm thick.
  • 180 kms. The tunnel has been built with a high design speed of 1 hour per hour.

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