There will be more strictness in UP board exams, Rasuka will be imposed on those who copy, what is NSA, how much punishment, also know this

This time more strictness will be done in UP board exam than before. Rasuka’s action will be taken against the candidate who cheats. The room for keeping the question papers will be made separate from the principal’s room. On receipt of mass copying, the examination center will be debarred along with immediate cancellation of the examination. The list of Center Administrator and Static Magistrate should be prepared soon. These instructions were given by Director General of Secondary Education Department, Vijay Kiran Anand in video conferencing.

On February 16, the high school and intermediate exams are going to start. The Director General did video conferencing with Joint Education Director RP Sharma and DIOS Manoj Kumar on Friday regarding exam preparation.

He has directed that if any candidate is caught copying during the examination, then criminal action should be taken against him. There should not be any mistake in the security of the question paper. A separate strong room should be made at the examination centers from the Principal’s room. Question papers should be kept safe in the strong room.

Static Magistrate posted

List of center and internal administrator should be prepared. The deployment of Static Magistrate should also be at every examination center. The control room should be set up soon to keep an eye on the examination centres. Its trial can be taken any day. The control room of the district will be connected with the control room of Lucknow. Candidates should not face any kind of problem during the examination.

What is Rasuka or NSA

The National Security Act (NSA) is a law in which it has been provided that if a particular threat emerges from a person, then that person can be detained. If the government feels that a person is a threat to the country, he can be arrested. It was created in 1980 with the aim of giving more power to the government in terms of the security of the country.

This act gives power to the government that if it feels that someone needs to be arrested in the interest of the country, then he can also be arrested. In short, this act gives the right to arrest any suspicious person. Under the National Security Act or National Security Law, a person can be detained due to a specific threat. If the administration feels that due to any person, the security and harmony of the country can be threatened, then NSA is imposed on him.

How much punishment under NSA?

According to the National Security Act, the suspect can be kept in custody without bail for 3 months and its period can also be extended. Along with this, there is no need to frame charges for detention and the time period of detention can be done up to 12 months. Also, the person detained can appeal before the advisory of the High Court and the state government has to inform that this person has been kept in custody.

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