The woman was flirting with her lover inside the room, the neighbor called and called the family members, everyone was shocked to see the scene

A case of love affair came to light in UP, which stunned everyone. A woman was having a love affair with a neighbor’s youth. The woman’s husband works abroad. As soon as the woman’s husband leaves the house, the lover comes to her house. Another neighbor was keeping an eye on this act of the lover. One day, as soon as the woman’s husband left the house, the woman’s lover entered her house by jumping over the wall to meet his girlfriend.

The neighbor called the family members of the woman on the phone. The woman and her lover were flirting inside the room. Both were in an objectionable condition, meanwhile the family members opened the door. Everyone was stunned to see the scene inside the room. The family members caught the lover. Angry relatives kept the accused hostage for one and a half hours and also thrashed him. Later on apologizing, he was let off with a warning. No complaint was made to the police in the matter.

The case pertains to Agwanpur area of ​​Civil Lines. A young man living in a locality of the town used to work in Saudi Arabia. His wife and four children live in his house in Agwanpur. Elder brother’s family also lives next to his house. It was told that the woman slept with her children at home on Saturday night. At around 5 am on Sunday, a young man living in the locality entered the woman’s house by scaling the wall. The eyes of the young man living in the neighborhood fell on him. After which the neighbor called the woman’s nephew and told him. After which the family members became alert and laid a trap.

After some time, when the family members reached the woman’s house, she was found having fun with her lover. People caught the accused on the spot and thrashed him. When there was noise, the people around also gathered. The family members took the accused youth hostage inside the house. After this there was an uproar for about one and a half hours. Later, the dignitaries of the locality also called the family members of the accused on the spot. Later the woman and the accused youth started apologizing for their act. Also assured not to commit such mistake in future. After which the family members left both of them. No complaint was made to the police in this matter as well.

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