The wife reached the room where the soldier was celebrating with his girlfriend, made the video viral, will now go to the job

A constable of UP Police has found it difficult to frolic with his girlfriend. The constable’s wife caught her husband with a non-woman in a flat in Lucknow, after which she thrashed the constable’s husband fiercely. The video of this high voltage drama is going viral on social media. Not only this, the constable had also made a fake ID card of the sub-inspector which is viral on social media. After this whole high voltage drama, the wife has filed a complaint in Kanpur’s Naubasta police station demanding action against her constable husband.

Vijayaraje Yadav, a resident of Naubasta Machhariya in Kanpur, is the wife of constable Rajeev Yadav. She caught her constable husband Rajeev Yadav having a gala time with some other woman in a flat in Lucknow. After this, the high voltage drama continued for hours between Miyan Biwi and the non-woman, the video of which is going viral on social media. Not only this, a forgery of constable Rajeev Yadav has also come to the fore. Rajeev Yadav, posted on the post of constable, has also made a fake ID card of the post of sub-inspector, which is viral in social media. Wife Vijayaraje Yadav alleges that Rajiv Yadav has been extorting for a year from the fake ID card of the sub-inspector.

After catching constable Rajeev with a non-woman, wife Vijayraje demanded action by giving Tahrir at Naubasta police station. But even after several days, when no action was taken, wife Vijayraje reached the DCP South office and complained about the actions of her constable husband and demanded action. On the other hand, on this whole episode, Additional DCP South Manish Sonkar says that the constable’s wife has complained about second marriage being married, the investigation of which has been handed over to ACP Govindnagar.

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