The soldier took the young man who came to treat his wife to the outpost and beat him, snatched 35 thousand rupees

In Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, a young man who had come for his wife’s treatment was taken to a police post, beaten up and robbed of his money by a constable. The brother who reached to complain was also beaten up by the soldier. The victim complained to the police commissioner on Monday.

This incident is from Kanpur South. Ankit Dwivedi, a resident of Kamasin town of Banda district, is undergoing treatment for husband Kajal at Dhanwantari Hospital located in Hanumant Virah. The wife was admitted to the hospital on Saturday. Ankit told that on Sunday night he went to the shop outside the hospital to buy a bottle of water and biscuits. That’s why some people there used to fight with each other. After a while the Usmanpur outpost police came and asked about the quarrel. On which Ankit told that those people had fled.

Later, a constable came and holding Ankit’s neck, took him to the Police Chowli. It is alleged that after beating him fiercely, he took out Rs 35,000 from Ankit’s pocket and made him run away. After this incident, Ankit told this to his brother Atul. When Atul reached to complain, he was also beaten up and chased away. On Monday, the victim reached the police commissioner’s office and lodged a complaint. The commissioner handed over the investigation of the case to ACP Naubasta. SDCP South Ankita Sharma told that investigation is being done. Action will be taken against the culprits.

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