The rounds will happen only when in the marriage … all stunned after hearing the demand of the groom, then the police took away the father and the groom

In a marriage, a demand of the groom created a ruckus in the marriage. After the garland, as soon as the groom told his demand, the girl’s side was stunned. When the matter of the demand of the groom reached the ears of the bride, she too gave her decision. The bride refused to marry, raising her voice against dowry. Not only this, the groom and his father were sent to the lockup. Earlier, the gharatis had taken the baraatis hostage. The investigation of the case has been given by the CO to the Jalesar SHO.

The father, a Mohalla resident of Kotwali Jalesar, complained to the CO that the daughter’s marriage was fixed with Deepak, a resident of Nagla Pati, Agra Dayalbagh. The procession reached Jalesar from Agra on 6th February. The procession went up with great fanfare. After the varmala, the rounds were about to take place. Even before the marriage took place, the groom demanded a bullet. The bride’s father, relatives explained a lot. The groom stuck to his demand. It is alleged that the rounds will happen only when a bullet is found in the marriage.

The girl got touched by the young man while dancing on DJ, then there was a ruckus, the bride and groom ran away before Jaimal

Came out of the pavilion demanding bullet. Hearing the demand of Bulat in dowry, the bride refused to marry and informed the police through her father. After the matter escalated, the gharatis took the baraatis hostage. The police reached the information, caught the bridegroom, his father and brought him to the police station. It is being told that people have come from both the sides and the matter of settlement is going on. The agreement could not be reached between the two sides till late evening. SSI Ajab Singh says that an FIR is being registered in the matter.

The groom kept talking to the relatives, the bride did a feat with her lover on the honeymoon

The matter increased during the morning rounds, the dispute over breakfast also came to the fore

After the dispute, the father reached Kotwali Jalesar and handed over a list to the groom’s father in front of the police. All the expenses of the marriage are written in it. The boy’s side has been asked to return the money. Relatives are also engaged to convince both sides. The agreement could not be reached till late evening. Many things are coming to the fore in the police investigation. It is being told that the procession had gone up with great pomp and rounds were about to take place. During interrogation, it has come to light that there was an argument between the bride and groom regarding the breakfast. After the argument, the matter progressed a lot. The bride had refused to marry. The police took the groom and his father to the police station. Till late evening the relatives of both the parties kept doing the panchayat. It is being told that the agreement could not be reached between the two sides.

Jalesar CO Raghavendra Singh Rathore told, the marriage was done with pomp. In the morning there was a rift between the bride and groom over some issue. After which the marriage did not happen. Police was informed in the morning. Both the parties have been called and explained through their relatives, the police.

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