The idol ordered online was buried in the field, there was a crowd for darshan; But the secret opened

A family in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao has been accused of playing with the religious sentiments of people. According to the information, this man and his sons ordered online idols of the goddess for Rs 169 and buried them in a field in Mehmood village of Asiwan. After this he propagated that ancient idols are coming out from the fields during plowing. In no time, a crowd of people gathered and 70 thousand rupees were also deposited as a donation.

The family said that a temple would be built at the place where the idols of the goddess were found. But the family’s plans failed when the Amazon delivery boy who delivered the idols exposed the whole story. After this, the police have detained three people – Ashok Kumar, his son Ravi Kumar and Kapil in this case. Circle officer Pankaj Singh said that the accused have been challaned under section 151 of CrPC.

Pankaj Singh said- This family together planned to cheat the innocent villagers. We have also taken the idols into custody and told the villagers about the whole conspiracy. He told that the idols were bought online and buried to fool people.

In fact, two days ago Ashok Kumar had claimed that after his darshan at Balaji temple, Goddess Saraswati appeared in his dream and asked him to dig a certain spot in the field after which he would find the idols. Kumar went and excavated the pit with his sons and brought out the idols of Saraswati, Lakshmi, a rudraksha, a large yellow key and a yellow metal idol from the field and placed it in front of the public. He told the people that a temple should be established where these idols were found.

SHO Asiwan Anirudh Singh said that the family was claiming that the idols were more than 500 years old. He informed the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Meanwhile, Amazon delivery boy Gorelal contacted the police. Gorelal told that he works as a delivery man. He told that he had given those idols to Ashok Kumar’s son Ravi in ​​return for which he also paid Rs.169 to them. As soon as the police came to know about this, the police reached Ashok Kumar for questioning, but till then the devotion and reverence of the villagers had come to those idols. He opposed it. People were not ready to believe that the idols were not ancient but were bought online.

Ashok incited the crowd and said that the police did not want the temple to be built at that place. The policemen later showed the villagers pictures of the idols available online after which the villagers understood the point and thus the police took Ashok and his sons into custody.

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