The husband turned out to be a parrot, said – you are very fat … the bride reached in front of the police and told what happened on the honeymoon night

On the night of honeymoon in Rishikesh, the bride who fled leaving her husband in the hotel room, suddenly appeared in front of the police. When the girl resident of Mustafa Quarter (Sadar) told the police that she was not a robber bride, the policemen were stunned. She told that the person she was married to had defamed her. Her photo is doing the rounds on social media as a robber bride. Husband beat her on honeymoon. That’s why she left him in the hotel in anger. The police have assured the victim that the matter will be reported to the Aligarh police.

The girl told that she was married on 28 November 2022 to a young man resident of Sasni Gate, Aligarh. The middleman had told that the young man has a government job. Even though it was a lie. After marriage, it was found that the husband is a parrot. Can’t even talk properly. After marriage, husband took her on honeymoon to Uttarakhand. On 9th December he stayed in a hotel in Rishikesh. The husband beat her mercilessly. Abused him. She is fat. Both had seen each other before marriage. The boy said yes, only then the marriage took place. He started taunting her by taking her body.

He started saying that he did not get dowry. Treated him like an animal. Angry, he left the hotel at night. went to Delhi. Started living there in PG. The husband spread a rumor that the bride was a robber. After making him unconscious, she ran away with her lover. She came to know about her husband’s allegations through social media. Had she been a robber bride, she would not have come before the police. She wants to file a case of dowry harassment and assault against her husband.

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