The houses of Muslims being demolished bypassing the law, the personal law board’s target on Baba’s bulldozer?

A meeting of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board was held on Sunday at the Nadwa College campus in Lucknow. In this, the action of bulldozers going on in UP was targeted without naming it. The General Secretary of the Board said that the law civilizes the human society and brings the oppressors to justice. That is why it is important not to take the law into your hands, but unfortunately, houses are being demolished in the country without fully following the law. Those exercising their constitutional right to protest are arrested and jailed for years without proof of wrongdoing. We strongly condemn this.

It was said in the meeting that the foundation of the country’s constitution is on equality, justice and freedom. It is the responsibility of the government as well as the court to uphold these principles. Therefore, it is appealed to the courts to take stock of the injustice meted out to the vulnerable citizens and minorities as the courts are the last ray of hope for the common man.

Board executive meeting was held under the chairmanship of Board President Maulana Syed Rabe Hasni Nadvi. In the resolution passed, it was said that the 1991 law related to religious places is a law made by the government itself, which has been passed by the parliament, it is the duty of the government to maintain it and it also benefits the country.

Said that the sanctity of the Supreme Court’s historic decision in the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case should be maintained in the Dharmasthala Bill passed by the Parliament in the year 1991. The dispute of any other religious place in the country should not be raised, otherwise it will harm mutual brotherhood and harmony and cases will increase in the courts of the country.

The board said that the central and state governments should refrain from implementing the Common Civil Code. Giving advice to the Muslims, the board said that they should fully follow the personal law and Shariat and should not deprive women of their rightful rights.

Board General Secretary Maulana Khalid Saif Ullah Rahmani said that regarding the ongoing debate on Uniform Civil Code, in the resolution passed in the board, it was said that in the matter of basic rights in the constitution of the country, every citizen has the freedom to practice his religion. This includes personal law. That’s why the government is appealed to respect the religious freedom of common citizens. Implementing Uniform Civil Code would be an undemocratic step.

The board has said that this is impossible in a country of such a large number of different religions, nor will it be of any benefit to the country. Therefore, this meeting of the board, in which all Muslim organizations are involved, appeals to the government to give up this intention and focus on the basic problems of the country.

charge of inciting hatred

The resolution further states that the poison of hatred is being mixed in the country which is harmful. This is completely against the path that the makers of the freedom struggle and the constitution had decided for this country. Here, for centuries, followers of every religion, belonging to different languages ​​and civilizations have served the country and have taken an equal part in taking the country forward. If this brotherhood ends, it will be a big loss for the country. Because this meeting appeals to the government, religious leaders, philanthropists, legal philanthropists, political leaders and media people to try to extinguish this fire of hatred.

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