The groom kept talking to the relatives, the bride did the feat with her lover on the honeymoon

After leaving the marriage, a new bride reached her in-laws house, left her husband and eloped with her lover on the wedding night itself. For a long time, the husband went back to his room after talking to the relatives outside, then after a long time, after not finding his wife, he informed the family members. The whole family searched till late night but the bride could not be found. After getting tired, the family members have appealed to the police by giving information to the parents.

On February 1, a procession had come from a village in Patherwa police station area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKushinagar district in a village under Tarkulwa police station area. The marriage took place with great fanfare and on February 2, the bride left and went to her in-laws’ house. At the time of honeymoon, the husband was busy talking to his relatives, when he went back to his room, he was shocked not to find the bride.

As soon as the daughter-in-law’s veil was lifted, the in-laws lost their senses, the groom said – I will not live with her, I will die after consuming poison

Later it was learned that the bride had called her village lover beforehand and fled from behind the house on a bike. The villagers said that a young man was carrying a woman on a motorcycle. The girl’s in-laws kept searching the whole night. When the woman was not found, the relatives informed her parents.

Together, both the families have given Tahrir to the Tarkulwa police to recover the bride from the police. But the local police sent both the family members back to Patherwa police station after persuading them to understand the matter as being of another police station area. In this regard, station in-charge Dinesh Kumar Mishra told that people from the boys’ side had come but the incident was from Patherwa, so they went back.

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