The girlfriend left for Gujarat on a bicycle to meet her lover, made a mistake on the way, then the police came

In the era of social media, nothing can be said about when someone fell in love with whom. Many such stories have been heard and seen in which people became friends while using Instagram, Facebook. Then this friendship gradually turned into love. People were also seen desperate to meet their fellow travelers sitting hundreds of miles away. A similar case has come to the fore from Ballia in UP. Here a girl fell in love with a young man while chatting on social media.

The girl was in Ballia and the boy in Gujarat. The girlfriend expressed her desire to meet the boyfriend but the boyfriend expressed his inability to come citing work. After this the girlfriend left to meet the lover. That too on a bicycle carrying some clothes in a bag. But due to a mistake by the girlfriend, the police caught him and handed him over to his family members.

A girl from a village in Maniyar police station area got in touch with a youth living in Surat, Gujarat through social media. As the process of conversation progressed, a love affair started between them. The girl kept calling the young man to meet, but he was not ready to come here. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the girl left her house on a bicycle carrying clothes, mobile and charger in a bag to meet her lover. She was worried about charging her mobile at the Shankarpur market in the area. Meanwhile, some shopkeepers got suspicious and informed the police about the matter.

After getting the information, the police reached the police station along with the girl. During interrogation, he first tried to mislead the police. Said that I am going to Prayagraj to give the exam. The police did not believe this. To know the reality, the women police continued to interrogate. Then the girl told that she was going to meet her lover. The police called and called the family members. The relatives told that the girl was missing since morning and a search was on for her.

The police handed over the girl to the relatives. It is feared that by keeping the cycle in Ballia or somewhere else, she would have left for Gujarat by train or bus. SO Raj Kapoor Singh says that the matter was love-affair. The girl has been recovered from Shankarpur and handed over to her relatives.

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