The girl ran away from the house, the family thought that someone had abducted her, but the reality turned out to be something else…

A case has come to light from UP’s Rampur district which has left even the police perplexed. In fact, a young woman ran away from her house without informing her. The family members thought that a youth from another community had abducted her. The relatives started searching for the girl but nothing could be found anywhere. Here the news of the escape of the girl had spread in the whole village. People started saying different things. This time the family members took shelter of the police. When the police started searching for the girl on the basis of the report of the family members, she too was stunned. The girl had not eloped with any young man but was with a snake charmer. Police recovered the girl and handed her over to her family members. The girl told that she had run away from home to learn Tantramantra.

The case is related to the nearest village of the police station area. A girl resident of the village had gone missing from her house. For two days the relatives were searching for him secretly. But when the matter spread in the village, people started saying different things. When the matter caught fire, all the relatives of the girl gathered in the village. The relatives went to the police station and alleged that the young man from another community had abducted the girl. Due to the matter being of two communities, there was a stir in the police.

When the police inquired about the accused youth, the youth was working as a laborer with other colleagues in another state. Within 24 hours, the police reached to the bottom of the matter with understanding. The girl was recovered from snake charmers. It was learned that the girl had left her home to learn the knowledge of Tantra Mantra. Due to the commendable work of the police, the estrangement between the two communities was resolved.

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